01. Digital Publishing

02. Advert Creation

03. Consultation Services

  1. 01. Digital Publishing

    We've partnered with the best digital publishing solutions in the marketplace in order to pair our clients with the right solution for their project. Installation Magazine was created with Mag+, we have other projects developing in Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite, and have several proprietary platforms in the works. Technology is the key skeletal structure we base our applications on, but it's our design workflow, planned strategic placement and acute attention in the creative digital field that makes an Installation Media release.

    Digital Publishing offers an open space to curate, imagine and deliver the core message of a brand to a customer. Through creative interaction, users can fully immerse themselves into a story, discover the values of a brand or corporation and most importantly, continuously connect in exciting ways. Standalone apps, ongoing quarterly or monthly magazines, or bespoke integration into already successful programs each offer amazing results in brand growth. Let Installation Media bring you into an innovative platform that is making a global impact.

  2. 02. Advert Creation

    Traditional advertising is not working and overwhelms the current media landscape. No longer a static medium, advertisements need to exist in hybrid platforms and intelligently target their intended audience by interactive visceral experiences. Advertising needs to translate beyond a publication and assume a new form of editorial coverage, which works itself into the public seamlessly where clients are no longer advertising but collaborating with the public. We have developed a comprehensive set of services to enable our clients to more effectively stretch their advertising budget.

  3. 03. Consultation Services

    Our research, dedication to innovation, proven product success, and creative direction can be shared with you. Thinking about expanding your print products or advertising into a digital medium? Start with Installation Media's consultation services to create a strategic game-plan. We can offer solutions, guide you on the best use and practices, and deliver realtime analytics on current campaigns. Transitioning into this field with a sophisticated and calculated distribution is key to amplify your digital investments.

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